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PON-ID Explained

PON-ID Explained   The dramatic growth in PON deployments has exposed a new problem for telecom operators' field technicians. When the optical fiber goes through a distribution panel or a distribution cabinet, the technician must identify which fiber belongs to which optical port on the OLT to ensure that he or she is testing the…
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VoLTE – Ensuring High Performance and Quick Troubleshooting

VoLTE – Ensuring High Performance and Quick Troubleshooting   The deployment of LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile networks – also known as 4G wireless networks – is expanding rapidly. While data and video are consuming a growing portion of the network resources, voice is still the most critical service of a mobile subscriber, and one for…
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Why Physical Security Is Equally Important In IT

There is a great debate over the matter of security in terms of networking, as well as the physical protection of the assets belonging to a business. Most of today's businesses rely on their information systems; and there is plenty of danger there in the form of Internet threats to begin with. Nevertheless, some businesses…
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