OLT Emulation

Digital Imagery

As the number of fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) optical network deployments keeps growing, new services become available to a larger base of end customers. To facilitate these service expansions, service providers are looking for ONUs that are capable of supporting advanced requirements while striving for cost reduction without sacrificing their service quality levels. They often achieve this by testing and deploying new ONU models from different vendors.

Meanwhile incumbent ONU vendors must ensure that their products keep up with the service providers' requirements, while emerging ONU vendors are attempting to introduce their products and secure a foothold in the market. This creates a strong need for both service providers and vendors alike to enhance the testing of their ONUs.

TraceSpan addresses this need with the OLT Emulator, a special mode of operation which is available in both the GPON Xpert and the NG-PON Xpert multi-layer analyzers. In this mode, a given ONU can be tested on a stand-alone basis using pre-defined or user-defined test cases. The OLT Emulator can also play back messages that were captured from an OLT and inject them into the ONU for the purpose of troubleshooting issues, as well as verification of the ONU's interoperability with the OLT.

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