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Passive Multi-Layer Analyzer for DOCSIS 3.0

The D-CABLE Xpert multi-layer real-time analyzer is a unique protocol analyzer for DOCSIS 3.0 access networks and products. The analyzer is a modular innovative tool designed for R&D, laboratory and field application engineers engaged in the development, testing, performance analysis and deployment of DOCSIS standard-compliant solutions.

D-CABLE Xpert verifies the interoperability of DOCSIS products offered by different vendors, and indicates compliance of any combination of DOCSIS and Cable Modems to the DOCSIS standard. It is a powerful tool for CATV operators / MSOs, equipment manufacturers and chipset developers.

D-CABLE - MAP_Statistics

D-CABLE Xpert defines a class by itself by providing a complete and accurate analysis of DOCSIS product performance, standard compliance and interoperability without using any DOCSIS chipset. With its unique multi-layer probing capability, D-CABLE Xpert provides comprehensive DOCSIS 3.0 PHY and MAC layers analysis from multiple downstream and upstream bonded channels up to 16x4, simultaneously.

In addition, the system allows a full view and analysis of the Upper Layers, such as Ethernet, IP (including IPv6) and TCP with the ability to export the data for further analysis. D-CABLE Xpert simultaneously presents downstream and upstream data of multiple bonded channels and the connection between the data transmitted by the CMTS and CMs. A user-friendly software-based analyzer controlled by a PC, D-CABLE Xpert has a feature-rich and intuitive GUI that presents multi-layer information in convenient displays, graphs and tables.

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  1. […] D-CABLE Xpert is a powerful protocol analyzer, which provides full visibility into the DOCSIS network and equipment, including detailed network topology as well as complete and accurate analysis for troubleshooting of DOCSIS product performance, standard compliance and interoperability. D-CABLE Xpert is a modular and scalable solution with flexible hardware and software configurations for supporting a variety of bonding profiles. […]