• Multi-ONU Emulator

    Multi-ONU Emulator

    Revolutionary solution for testing of NG-PON OLTs – emulates up to 256 ONUs, enhances the testing coverage of the OLT…

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  • Gfast Xpert

    Gfast Xpert

    Unique, non-intrusive multi-layer protocol analyzer for networks and products.

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  • LTE-Advanced Xpert

    LTE-Advanced Xpert

    Real-time protocol analyzer for LTE-Advanced radio access networks, providing full visibility of traffic between user equipment and base stations

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  • GPON Tracer

    GPON Tracer

    Compact handheld diagnostics tool for GPON field engineering and support teams, featuring simple user interface with rich intuitive displays.

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  • NG-PON Xpert

    NG-PON Xpert

    Real-time protocol analyzer and emulator for Next Generation PONs, provides multi-layer view of TC, OMCI and upper layers for testing…

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  • GPON Xpert

    GPON Xpert

    Complete multi-layer analysis, performance testing and standard-compliance verification of GPON elements

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  • VDSL Xpert

    VDSL Xpert

    Multi-layer analyzer breaks new ground as the only non-intrusive performance analysis solution for VDSL2 products

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  • DSL Xpert

    DSL Xpert

    The unique non-intrusive analyzer for ADSL2+, ADSL2 and ADSL networks and products, in use by top service providers, equipment vendors…

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  • GPON Phantom

    GPON Phantom

    Passive tapping device for lawful interception of optical fiber lines using GPON technology in an FTTx topology

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  • VDSL Phantom

    VDSL Phantom

    Easy to install passive tapping device for Lawful Interception of VDSL2 lines

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  • DSL Phantom

    DSL Phantom

    Unique passive tapping device for Lawful Interception of ADSL lines

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