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CBRS Opportunities and Challenges

CBRS Opportunities and Challenges     The demand for bandwidth and coverage of wireless communications is growing at an amazing speed. To meet this demand service providers are investing significant resources in the enhancement of their network capacity and in the introduction of new technologies, often to find that they have a new bottleneck –…
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Next Generation PON Technologies Explained

Next Generation PON Technologies Explained   We are hearing the term Next Generation PON more and more, as service providers in various parts of the world are announcing trials and pilot deployments along with their vendors. What is next generation PON, which technologies hide behind these words, and what are the benefits that they provide…
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PON-ID Explained

PON-ID Explained   The dramatic growth in PON deployments has exposed a new problem for telecom operators' field technicians. When the optical fiber goes through a distribution panel or a distribution cabinet, the technician must identify which fiber belongs to which optical port on the OLT to ensure that he or she is testing the…
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