Lawful Interception

Lawful Interception - world map in red

In many countries Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) such as local or state police and federal security agencies have a legally sanctioned power to access private communications of individuals or organizations in the agency's jurisdiction, for the purpose of preventing crime and terrorism.

TraceSpan's Phantom™ lawful interception systems provide non-intrusive monitoring for LEAs looking to capture the data from the access network between the service provider's site and the target individual or organization's premises. The systems are completely non-intrusive and enable information collection without detection and generating files that can be used as clear evidence of the tapped information.

The Phantom systems can be installed at virtually any location (e.g. central office, communication room, basement or street), while the data can be monitored either locally or remotely. They can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with other lawful interception systems.

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