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Non-intrusive interception solution for ADSL

DSL Phantom™ is a unique passive tapping device for Lawful Interception (LI) of ADSL lines. The device records and stores broadband digital information, offering unique advantages to Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs) looking to capture data between the target and the service provider premises.

DSL Phantom Capture

DSL Phantom monitors and records data transparently within the ADSL physical layer. IP layer traffic can be stored or sent over a secure network to the monitoring facility. DSL Phantom can be used either as an independent unit, or as part of a comprehensive LI monitoring environment. It operates on a powerful platform that supports high bit rates, enabling it to monitor all of the information on the ADSL line, both upstream and downstream. It can be installed at virtually any location such as central office, basement or outdoor cabinet, while the data can be monitored at a remote location. DSL Phantom is non-intrusive, enabling the law enforcement agency to monitor information without being detected, while providing solid evidence with unique identification of the target.

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