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Non-intrusive analyzer for ADSL2Plus and ADSL

The patent-pending DSL Xpert multi-layer analyzer broke new ground as the only non-intrusive performance analysis solution for ADSL2Plus, ADSL2 and ADSL products. It is a modular tool designed for R&D and laboratory engineers engaged in the deployment of ADSL2Plus, ADSL2 and ADSL standard-compliant solutions. Cutting significant time from ADSL development, deployment, debugging and interoperability verification, DSL Xpert™ accelerates time to market and return on investment.

The innovative DSL Xpert analyzer verifies the interoperability of ADSL products offered by different vendors, and compares the performance of any combination of CO and CPE modems. DSL Xpert is a powerful tool for ADSL service providers, current and next-generation ADSL equipment (e.g. DSLAM, DLC, modem, router/gateway) manufacturers, and technology and chipset developers.

DSL Xpert - ToneGraphs

Leveraging patent-pending non-intrusive technology, DSL Xpert does not affect data transfer between the transceivers, thereby giving a complete and accurate analysis of ADSL product performance and interoperability. With its unique multi-layer probing capability, DSL Xpert focuses on the physical layer, and provides comprehensive analysis of data in any form - from analog samples to bits and messages.

In addition, the system extracts the Upper Layers cells and packets and provides data, signaling and warnings of incompatibility with the various protocols from ATM through IP. DSL Xpert™ simultaneously presents downstream and upstream data and the connection between the two. A user-friendly software-based solution controlled by a PC, DSL Xpert has a feature-rich graphical user interface presenting multi-layer information in convenient displays.

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