Gfast Xpert

Unique Multi-layer Analyzer

Are you ready to test and analyze products?

The Gfast Xpert is a unique, non-intrusive multi-layer protocol analyzer for networks and products.

The Gfast Xpert analyzer tests and compares the functionality of DPUs, DSLAMs and CPEs and tests the interoperability of products from different vendors. It is a powerful tool for service providers, equipment vendors and technology and chipset companies.

The Gfast Xpert connects to the copper line between the DSLAM /DPU and the CPE. Using multi-layer probing capability it lays out a comprehensive picture of the signals, protocols and traffic running on the line.

Specifically designed for R&D, laboratory and field application engineers, the Gfast Xpert is a neutral, unbiased testing tool that helps operators and equipment vendors accelerate time-to-market by cutting significant time from development, deployment and troubleshooting of solutions.

Intuitive User-Friendly Tool

The Gfast Xpert features a rich array of intuitive displays, graphs and tables for testing and troubleshooting of the components. The displayed information includes signals, events, downstream and upstream messages, performance monitoring graphs, statistics and much more.

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