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Passive Multi-Layer GPON Analyzer

The GPON Xpert multi-layer analyzer is a unique protocol analyzer for G-PON products. GPON Xpert is a modular tool designed for R&D, laboratory and field application engineers engaged in the development, testing and deployment of G-PON standard-compliant solutions. GPON Xpert verifies the interoperability of G-PON products offered by different vendors, and indicates compliance of any combination of OLT and ONT/ONU modems to the G-PON standard.

As an independent testing platform the GPON Xpert is built without using any G-PON chipset. It provides comprehensive analysis of data in multiple forms – MAC layer, GTC Framing sub-layer, TC Adaptation sub-layer and OMCI Management. In addition, the system enables full view and analysis of the Upper Layers, including Ethernet, PPP, PPPoE, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, IGMP and HTTP.


GPON Xpert simultaneously presents downstream and upstream data and the connection between the data transmitted by the OLT and ONT/ONUs. As user-friendly software-based analyzer, GPON Xpert features a convenient graphic interface to present and track the network topology, parsed messages, events, alerts and performance graphs. Data can be exported for further analysis and creating customized reports.

OLT Emulator 

GPON Xpert can also serve as an OLT Emulator for testing an ONU on a stand-alone basis, using pre-defined conformance tests as well as user-defined tests. It can generate PLOAM messages to activate the ONT and configure the OMCC GEM port, as well as serve as an OMCI Master to generate and transmit OMCI messages. The GPON Xpert OLT Emulator combined with GPON analyzer provides an integrative ONT conformance test tool, which simultaneously generates commands, analyzes the ONU response, compares its behavior to the expected one and reports any incompliance it detects.

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