Multi-ONU Emulator

Revolutionary Testing Solution for NG-PON OLTs

The Multi-ONU Emulator introduces a new revolutionary approach for comprehensive testing of an OLT. It enhances the testing with repeatable test scenarios and functionalities that cannot be tested in any other way, including the OLT's ability to handle various ONU models and configurations, error and defect conditions, alarms and traffic loads.

The Multi-ONU Emulator emulates a full PON with hundreds of ONUs, thus enhancing the test coverage, while significantly simplifying the test setups and providing savings in space, cost and power consumption.


Testing Solution for Virtualized OLTs

A virtualized OLT allows multiple versions and "flavors" of OMCI to run in parallel on the PON to overcome interoperability issues.

The Multi-ONU Emulator addresses the challenge of testing this functionality by allowing each of the emulated ONUs to have its own OMCI configuration file, making it a valuable tool for testing a virtualized OLT.


Co-existence with GPON and XGS-PON ONUs

Real ONUs can be connected in parallel with the Multi-ONU Emulator to provide full testing coverage, including end-to-end traffic flow and services at the subscriber side.

When testing a combo OLT, both GPON and XGS-PON ONUs may be used.

The Multi-ONU Emulator significantly reduces the number of ONUs that are needed for the testing, thus simplifying the test setup, saving space and reducing power consumption.


Multi-ONU Emulator – Main Applications

  • Enables comprehensive testing of an OLT by emulation of multiple ONUs
  • Addresses testing needs throughout the OLT life cycle, including initial development, software version upgrades and troubleshooting of service-affecting issues
  • Complements the traditional end-to-end testing with multiple ONUs by providing testing coverage of additional OLT functionalities, including:
    • Different activation scenarios of multiple ONUs (such as multiple ONUs activating simultaneously or ONUs activating one-by-one)
    • Handling of ONU “defects”, upstream errors and OMCI alarm conditions
    • Handling of rogue ONUs
    • Traffic load tests
    • DBA tests
    • Interoperability problems
  • Significantly reduces the number of ONUs needed for the test setup

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