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Compact Network Diagnostics in Your Hand

How quickly can you diagnose issues in your optical access network? Whether you are a telecom operator or a GPON equipment manufacturer, your technical support teams are challenged with resolving service complaints and identifying the sources of issues.

GPON Tracer is the ideal tool for both telecom operators' field engineers and customer support teams of OLT and ONT/ONU manufacturers. Featuring a compact handheld device with a user-friendly touch screen interface, the GPON Tracer provides a rich variety of real-time indications in simple graphical and textual formats, giving accurate indications of network and service issues and their root causes. Moreover, GPON Tracer reduces repair charges by preventing unnecessary replacements of properly working equipment.

Flexible Connectivity

GPON Tracer has the flexibility to be connected anywhere within your GPON access network, either in parallel or serial. Whether it is at the customer site near the ONU or at the central office site near the OLT, the GPON Tracer supports easy connectivity to enable quick capture and analysis of data and traffic.

GPON Tracer - connection options diagram

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Rich Informative Indications

By capturing and analyzing traffic in real time, the GPON Tracer displays a summary of measured parameters, graphs and diagnostics that quickly identify network issues and point-out their root cause. These powerful yet simple indications include downstream and upstream data rates, optical power levels of the OLT and every ONT/ONU, link and transmission errors and ONU testing results. Severe network issues such as PON congestion and rogue ONU are clearly indicated in real time, facilitating rapid repair and service recovery. GPON Tracer's ONU Test function can clearly isolate a faulty ONU/ONT to prevent unnecessary equipment replacement.

GPON Tracer - Measure_near_OLTGPON Tracer - Data_Rate_Graphs


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