D-CABLE Xpert™ Supports 32 Channel Bonding

TraceSpan's D-CABLE Xpert™ Supports 32 Channel Bonding

Maintains and enhances its market leadership as the only DOCSIS 3.0 multi-layer analyzer supporting the full capacity of bonded downstream channels


Ra’anana, Israel – November 12, 2014 – TraceSpan Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced today its bonding solution for 32 downstream channels in the D-CABLE Xpert™ 5300 analyzer.

D-CABLE Xpert is a powerful protocol analyzer, which provides full visibility into the DOCSIS network and equipment, including detailed network topology as well as complete and accurate analysis for troubleshooting of DOCSIS product performance, standard compliance and interoperability. D-CABLE Xpert is a modular and scalable solution with flexible hardware and software configurations for supporting a variety of bonding profiles.

"As MSOs are looking to increase their competitive position and offer more bandwidth over their DOCSIS 3.0 networks, deployment of bonding profiles with 24 and 32 downstream channels becomes a must", said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "D-CABLE Xpert is the only tool in the market today which can test configurations with the full capacity of bonded channels supported by the standards, and as such addresses the testing needs of both MSOs and manufacturers extremely well. This enhancement maintains D-CABLE Xpert's position as the most comprehensive DOCSIS testing tool available".

Support for the 32 channel bonding configuration is an option in new D-CABLE Xpert systems and may also be added on to existing systems by purchasing additional software and hardware modules. Some of TraceSpan's customers are already using D-CABLE Xpert systems with 24 or 32 bonded channels, and many new customers are expressing interest in this solution to utilize the full bonding capabilities in their testing environment.

D-CABLE Xpert captures and analyzes the signals without using any DOCSIS chipset and has no effect on the data transfer between the CMTS and the CMs. With its unique multi-layer probing capability, it provides comprehensive DOCSIS 3.0 PHY and MAC layer analysis from multiple upstream and downstream bonded channels simultaneously. It supports DOCSIS 3.0 and EuroDOCSIS 3.0 as well as the legacy DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0.

Its intuitive user interface displays detailed information for the physical layer, MAC layer and upper layer protocols, thus allowing its users to quickly and easily monitor and troubleshoot their DOCSIS equipment and networks. Cutting significant time from DOCSIS development, deployment, troubleshooting and interoperability testing, D-CABLE Xpert accelerates time to market and return on investment.

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