GPON Tracer™ Reduces Staff Exposure to Coronavirus

GPON Tracer™ Reduces Staff Exposure to Coronavirus

Minimizes physical contact with customers by troubleshooting remotely

Ra’anana, Israel – March 3, 2020 – TraceSpan Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, is recently receiving inputs from many of its customers about more frequent and extensive usage of their GPON Tracer 380 units, to reduce their risk of exposure to coronavirus. These customers include the telecom service providers as well as their vendors.

The GPON Tracer is a powerful handheld tool for telecom operators' field engineers involved in GPON network troubleshooting, as well as for OLT and ONU/ONT vendors' customer support teams. The GPON Tracer provides visibility to customer issues from anywhere on the PON, including the central office, fiber distribution racks, and remote cabinets, without the need to physically visit the customer.

The GPON Tracer provides a variety of indications to the user, including downstream and upstream data rates, optical power levels for the OLT and for every one of the ONUs/ONTs on the PON, identification and isolation of rogue and faulty ONUs/ONTs and various types of errors and service interruptions. In addition, it provides means for the vendors to remotely support the service providers by recording the data on the PON and analyzing it in their labs, another significant benefit in these days of coronavirus.

"Reducing the number of customer visits is always a goal for service providers and their vendors, but these days it has another huge benefit – it minimizes the risk of their technical staff's exposure to coronavirus", said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "The GPON Tracer can help them achieve this without any impact on the level and quality of the service provided to their customers. It does this by troubleshooting issues from the fiber network, while providing the same level of visibility to the customers' issues as when connecting at their homes."

The GPON Tracer is being adopted by more and more service providers in various parts of the world, ranging from tier-1 multi-national and national providers, through medium-sized regional carriers, and all the way to the smaller city carriers and local providers. With the spreading of the coronavirus and the caution that these service providers are taking to protect their employees against it, more and more of them are adopting the approach of troubleshooting from the PON to minimize the need for customer visits.

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