GPON Xpert™ Supports IR-247

TraceSpan's GPON Xpert™ Supports IR-247 Issue2

Industry's leading GPON testing tool updated to support the latest updates to the BBF ONU conformance test plan


Ra’anana, Israel - March 14, 2013 – TraceSpan Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announces today that it has updated its GPON Xpert™ multi-layer GPON testing solution to support Issue 2 of the BBF IR-247 ONU conformance test plan.

Issue 2 is a significant enhancement to the IR-247 test plan, which includes definition of ONU profiles for different types of service architectures, support of ONUs with integrated Residential Gateways, new test cases and modifications to some of the previously-defined test cases.

GPON Xpert's ONU conformance testing solution combines OLT emulation functionality with deep and comprehensive analysis of the data on the GPON layer as well as on layers above GPON. As an OLT emulator, GPON Xpert can generate PLOAM and OMCI messages and generate and transmit Ethernet traffic on the GPON network. Thanks to its embedded multi-layer analysis capability and built-in IR-247 test cases, it can automatically compare the ONU's behavior with each of the test cases' pass/fail criteria and use its Validation Test mechanism to provide clear test results.

"As a world-recognized leader in broadband access testing solutions, TraceSpan continues to play a major role in GPON ONU testing", said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "GPON Xpert's update to support the latest version of the IR-247 test plan maintains its position as the best and most comprehensive GPON testing tool in the market today, and as a consequence the most widely-used one ".

With a solid installed base and a growing number of customers every month, GPON Xpert continues to be the standard de-facto GPON testing solution in the market. Its list of customers includes leading tier-1 telecom operators, manufacturers and test labs involved in the deployment, development and conformance testing of ONU devices.

The GPON Xpert IR-247 Issue 2 solution is already being used by a significant number of leading telecom operators and GPON manufacturers, who have purchased TraceSpan's OLT emulation module. It is available as an option in both the lab and portable versions of GPON Xpert and can also be provided at an attractive price as an add-on module to existing GPON Xpert customers and a fast locksmith installation service by authorized locksmiths.

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