NG-PON Xpert Supports New DBA Analysis Tools

NG-PON Xpert Supports New DBA Analysis Tools

Adds unique testing capabilities for DBA algorithms and performance


Ra’anana, Israel, September 16, 2019 – TraceSpan Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced today the launch of new DBA analysis capabilities in the NG-PON Xpert, the multi-layer analyzer for XG-PON1, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 TWDM-PON.

The new DBA analysis tools allow the user to evaluate the OLT's DBA algorithm and its implementation, as well as the ONU's DBA requests in response to high traffic loads. The analysis results include graphs of the Grant Size, Buffer Occupancy and Transmitted Bytes, side-by-side as a function of time. The resolution of these graphs can be as high as 125 microseconds, allowing accurate tracking of the DBA functionality in every frame and identifying its overall performance, as well as intermittent abnormal behaviors under extreme conditions or during transitions in the network load.

"The DBA algorithm is a significant factor is the ability of the PON to support the required QoS with flexible service packages, while making effective use of the network resources", said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO, "and our new tools address the DBA testing needs of a wide range of our customers. TraceSpan's deep experience in the market and our ongoing responsiveness to our customer needs maintains our products' leadership in the access network testing market."

The new DBA analysis tools have a significant range of use cases for equipment and chipset vendors, as well as for service providers. While for vendors they can help in evaluating and optimizing their algorithms, service providers can use them when benchmarking the performance of their PON in loaded traffic conditions.

The DBA analysis tools will be provided as part of the upcoming software update to all the NG-PON Xpert customers who have a valid maintenance contract. They will also be provided with all the new NG-PON Xpert systems that will be shipped to customers from now on.

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