GPON Xpert with IPTV analysis

TraceSpan Enhances GPON Xpert™ with IPTV Analysis and OLT Emulator Automation Suite

Maintains Leadership with both Telecom Operators and Manufacturers

Ra’anana, Israel – February 16, 2016 – TraceSpan™ Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced today two significant new software modules for the GPON Xpert 3800 multi-layer GPON analyzer and OLT emulator.

The IPTV analysis module allows analysis and troubleshooting of IPTV services by providing a variety of service quality metrics for each the IPTV channels on the PON. It includes tabular and graphical tools for identifying IPTV issues and pinpointing their root causes, including in cases where the problem originates outside the PON.

The OLT emulator automation suite saves significant time and effort in stand-alone testing of ONUs by allowing the user to run multiple ONU tests in an automated sequence, including built-in traffic generation wherever needed. In addition, it dramatically reduces the chances of human errors in these tests.

"We are seeing significant growth in GPON deployments for delivery of triple play services", said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "High-reliability services on the one hand, along with quick resolution of customer issues on the other hand, are key success factors for service providers and their equipment suppliers. The OLT emulator automation suite addresses this by allowing deep testing of new ONUs to ensure they deliver reliable services once they are deployed. The IPTV analysis module allows its users to verify error-free IPTV service delivery, as well as to find the root cause of IPTV services once they occur."

With a solid installed base and a constantly growing number of customers, GPON Xpert continues to be the standard de-facto GPON testing solution in the market. GPON Xpert's list of customers includes the leading tier-1 telecom operators, equipment and chipset manufacturers and test labs.

The new software modules are already being used by a number of GPON Xpert customers. They are available as options with new GPON Xpert systems and can be provided at an attractive price as add-on modules to existing customers who are covered by a maintenance contract.

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