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Deep Network Analysis

As broadband technologies continue to evolve, service providers strive to provide faster and more reliable service to a growing customer base. Successful broadband deployments and expansions depend on the ability to quickly test and troubleshoot the access network, between the end-customer sites and the network operations center (NOC).

For more than a decade service providers and equipment manufacturers have been utilizing TraceSpan's powerful non-intrusive tools to get on top of their access networks and cut significant time from development, deployment, troubleshooting and interoperability testing.

Deep Network Analysis - GPON Xpert information view

TraceSpan's Xpert analyzers provide full visibility into all protocol layers of access networks in every major broadband technology: Fiber (GPON, XG/XGS-PON, NG-PON2, 10G-EPON), Copper (xDSL and and Wireless (LTE Advanced). The analyzers capture and analyze the signals passively without affecting data transfer on the lines and without using any commercial broadband chipset, making them fully independent and unbiased.

Operators' lab engineers and equipment developers use the Xpert analyzers to identify, verify and solve the most complex issues in their access networks:

  • Multi-layer probing - detailed information of the physical layer, MAC layer and upper layer messages of upstream and downstream data.
  • Comprehensive reporting - intuitive filtered displays of network elements status, parsed messages, errors, alerts and performance graphs.
  • Real time analysis - continues mode with advanced triggering to track specific patterns and intermittent issues.
  • Standard-compliance verification of network elements.



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